'Philmmaker' [filmˌmākər]

  1. a producer or director of motion pictures exclusively using a smartphone or mobile device in all phases of production.
  2. a person who makes film using smartphones, especially for submission to the smartPhilm Fest
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The SmartPhilm Festival stands as an extraordinary celebration of short films exclusively shot with smartphones and mobile devices. As the smartphone era reshapes the digital media landscape, creatives find new and innovative ways to represent the world around us.

At SmartPhilm, we believe in empowering aspiring and professional filmmakers alike, breaking barriers to bring their stories to life. No longer constrained by expensive cameras and equipment, all that’s needed is a smartphone, a creative vision, and a passion for storytelling.

Fest details
Our mission is to provide a global platform for the artistic and film-loving community to document and produce their unique narratives in the most accessible way possible. We warmly welcome filmmakers of all ages to share their captivating creations with the world. To ensure eligibility, all submissions must be shot on mobile device(s), opening the door to endless creative possibilities. Films are submitted by category but have no thematic restrictions, fostering a diverse and eclectic cinematic experience.

As an added bonus, high-resolution files of the SmartPhilm Festival logo are available upon request, enabling filmmakers to proudly showcase their accomplishments with our esteemed logo. Don’t miss this chance to be part of a revolutionary film festival that celebrates the artistry of smartphone filmmaking. Submit your films and become a part of the SmartPhilm Festival today!

Submission Deadline:
Nov 30, 2023

Late Submissions:
Dec 20, 2023

Event date:
Mar 9, 2024

Featured Movies

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The Echoes Of Chloe Cooley
2017 Smart Documentary Award Winner
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Forever Home
SmartPhilm Fest 2022 “Smart Emerging Talent Winner”
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Smoke and Mirrorless
2018 Smart Music Video Award Winner
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SmartPhilm Fest 2019 Finalist
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