Case Study 3

Project Highlight

Lomi Bewerewer Storytelling Competition with Safaricom

The Initiative:

SmartPhilm launched the “Lomi Bewerewer Storytelling Competition” in honor of Timket, a religious and cultural festival celebrated annually from January 18-20 2022. The competition encouraged individuals to use their smartphones to share their stories, memories, and experiences related to the festival’s cultural and social aspects, particularly Lomi Bewerewer, a phrase deeply ingrained with stories.



The Impact:

Amplifying Untold Stories: SmartPhilm aimed to spotlight the diverse and authentic narratives related to the Timket festive season. It gave a platform for people to share their unique experiences, such as forming lifetime friendships, finding partners, and creating lasting memories.
While the Lomi Bewerewer Storytelling Competition was a heartfelt project that celebrated cultural diversity, connected communities, and emphasized the power of storytelling through smartphones.
This case study showcases the capacity of SmartPhilm to bring communities together, even in relatively smaller projects, and illustrates the potential of innovative storytelling to strengthen cultural bonds and share untold stories.

Social Engagement:

To promote the competition, SmartPhilm strategically employed various activities and collaborated with social media influencers. The results were impressive, with a total of 320,833 impressions across all social media platforms.

Winners and Recognition:

The competition received numerous heartfelt stories. Eventually, three winners were selected for their outstanding contributions and awarded prizes.

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