Case Study 1

Project Highlight

Unlocking Youth Potential in Content Creation for Job Opportunities

Empowering Youth for a Brighter Tomorrow

Objective: Our combined efforts allowed us to spearhead an initiative that is on a mission to transform the lives of young individuals by offering them unique opportunities in the world of content creation. The primary goal is to recruit, train, and secure job opportunities for 50 promising talents, nurturing their creative abilities, and inspiring excellence in the film industry.

Cultivating Creative Talents

This initiative serves as a beacon of hope, opening doors to exciting career paths in content creation. Through this transformative initiative, youth participants are mentored, inspired, and equipped to make a lasting impact in the film industry and beyond.

Key Highlights:

52 Original Films Developed

The initiative has resulted in the creation of 52 unique and compelling films. These projects showcase the immense talent and diversity of the youth participants.

Youth Festival Recognition

A celebration of their creative achievements, the Youth Festival at Millennium Hall showcases these films, with three outstanding winners receiving well-deserved awards.

Mentorship Program:

Ten promising young filmmakers are selected to participate in a three-month mentorship program. This initiative enables them to refine their skills and gain invaluable insights from industry experts.

Collaboration with Zeleman

The initiative collaborates with Zeleman's three departments - Creative, Production, and Digital - to develop comprehensive training plans. This collaboration ensures that participants receive top-notch training and support to unleash their creative potential fully.

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