Case Study 2

Project Highlight

Inspiring Health Behavior Change through Film

Empowering Youth for Healthier Communities

ObjectiveThe USAID Health Behavior Activity implemented by FHI 360, in collaboration with Zeleman and SmartPhilm, is working to revolutionize community perceptions of health activities and promote healthy behaviors among various demographics. The project’s focus on youth engagement is particularly important for shifting social and gender norms and delivering health messages in a way that is relevant and engaging to young people. The project is comprehensive Social and Behavior Change (SBC) focused on critical health aspects such as Family Planning (FP), Reproductive, Maternal and Child Health (MCH), Malaria, and COVID-19. 

Harnessing Youth Power for Malaria Awareness

SmartPhilm plays a pivotal role in engaging and empowering youth through filmmaking. The project selects youth from schools in Dire Dawa to work on raising awareness about Malaria and its prevention.

Empowering Youth through Filmmaking Training

As part of this initiative, a filmmaking trainer is recruited to train selected youth, equipping them with the necessary skills to create impactful films centered around health behavior change. These films are then showcased in our SmartPhilm festival to showcase the filmmakers' talent, raise awareness of social and health behavior issues, and amplify the initiative's impact on the community.

Key Takeaways:

FHI360, an implementer of USAID integrated youth activity in partnership with Zeleman and SmartPhilm harnesses the creativity and energy of youth to bring about positive health behavior change, making a meaningful impact on the health and well-being of communities. Together, we are reshaping narratives and inspiring healthier, more informed communities.

SmartPhilm - Empowering Youth, Transforming Communities, One Film at a Time.

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