2017 Finalists


The Echoes of Chloe Cooley

Country: Canada

Director: Andrea Conte

Synopsis: The founding story of the Underground Railroad on the Niagara Frontier, and how the resistance of one woman created both, the first anti-slavery law in the British Empire, and the first refugee movement to Canada.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 6

Duration: 8 min

11/09 November Ninth

Film title: 11/09 November Ninth

Country: Germany

Director: Matthias Sdun

Synopsis: Amobile-mentary capturing New York City moments before and after the 2016 elections results were announced.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 6 Plus

Duration: 8 min



Country: France

Director: Antonin Romeuf/Guillaume Palmantier

Synopsis: A girl wanders Cambodia leaving behind a body trail.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 6

Duration: 1 min 47 seconds

137 Hours

Country: Belarus

Director: Dzmitry Sakharuk/Barinov Alexander

Synopsis: Lena wants to cope with addiction, but the real world is transforming into a gray, dark room. Can she get out and overcome her “other side”?

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 6s, iPhone 5c

Duration: 4 min 19 seconds

Silence is Golden

Country: United Kingdom

Director: Nigel Streeter/Fritz O’Skennick

Synopsis: A silent 1920-esque film about a vile villain, a romantic hero and damsels in distress. Will the evil Baron Kriswoods get away with his behavior or will he have his comeuppance at the hands of a dashing daredevil?

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone

Duration: 6 min 16 seconds

Brno in Motion

Country: Czech Republic

Director: Radim Zbořil

Synopsis: Over a year’s worth of moments captured in the city of Brno, the Czech Republic’s second largest city.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 6

Duration: 2 min 56 seconds


How I Became a Movie Theatre Murderer

Country: Canada

Director: Aris Tyros

Synopsis: The rise of movie theatre attacks scare a young film-obsessed man into unintentionally becoming the thing he feared.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 6s

Duration: 7 min 12 seconds

For Dad

Country: United States

Director: Jason Rosenblatt

Synopsis: Through a series of brief recordings, a teenage girl keeps her comatose father updated on her struggles with his absence, high school and growing up.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 5c

Duration: 14 min 39 seconds


Country: India

Director: Jamir Khan

Synopsis: Two miserable men have nothing except for their lives which are now at stake. They befriend a man who becomes a weapon for their survival.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 6

Duration: 14 min 45 seconds

Not a Pizza Order

Country: France

Director: Cécile Ragot

Synopsis: In New York City, more than 11 million 911 calls are received each year. This is one of them.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 6

Duration: 2 min 14 seconds


Country: Algeria

Director: Haythem Ameur

Synopsis: Denya, meaning “life” in Arabic, is an eternal repetition of events and obstacles. Even if you stumble, you can always rise again.

Mobile device(s) used: Samsung Note 5

Duration: 1 min 42 seconds


Country: Spain

Director: Yuse Riera/Carlos Alonso Ojea

Synopsis: A photographer makes a chilling discovery while developing film.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 6

Duration: 2 min

J’ai grandi (I’ve grown up)

Country: France

Director: Lionel Nakache

Synopsis: A young girl motivates her father to stay on the right track.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 5

Duration: 1 min

Bubbles Don’t Lie

Country: Czech Republic

Director: Stepan Etrych

Synopsis: An engineer starts his day and notices a comic book-like bubble of the number 6 above his head. Soon, everyone has a numbered bubble.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 5

Duration: 4 min 58 seconds


Country: Sri Lanka

Director: Amila C. Kumarasinghe

Synopsis: The endless needs of mankind disrupt nature and lead to a karmic outcome.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 6 Plus

Duration: 3 min 45 seconds


Piano Sonata in Toronto” 

Country: Canada

Director: Paolo Benetazzo

Synopsis: A piano riff brings Toronto’s cityscape to life.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 5s

Duration: 3 min 7 seconds

Fireballs en Champagne

Country: France

Director: Léo Ginailhac

Synopsis: A brass band helps paint a quirky portrayal of the French Champagne region.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 6

Duration: 3 min 28 seconds

Pale Blue – Acid Waves

Country: United States

Director: Jessica Janos

Synopsis: Told in reverse, a family BBQ has a dark and sinister beginning.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 7 Plus

Duration: 5 min

Missing Harmony

Country: Hungary

Director: Péter Vadócz

Synopsis: An orchestra serves as a symbol of the world’s ecosystem.

Mobile device(s) used: Lumia 1520

Duration: 1 min


Mission Road

Country: United States

Director: Ioannes Palomaria

Synopsis: A homeless veteran gets the chance to save a life.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 6

Duration: 8 min 54 seconds

28 Percent Pure

Country: Iran

Director: Khashayar Rahimi/Shahin Djavadi Nejad

Synopsis: The dystopian story of a theft in the near future.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 5s

Duration: 1:00


Country: Norway

Director: Marietha Chopra Helgesen

Synopsis:  A girl and boy wander longingly through the forest in search of mystery.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 5

Duration: 2 min 37 seconds

The Can

Country: Russia

Director: Alexey Protsenko

Synopsis: A young man throws an empty soda can in the trash and misses. That’s when the can begins to pursue him.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone

Duration: 2 min 30 seconds