What It Feels Like

Country: United Kingdom

Director: Steven Fraser

Synopsis: A short animated documentary that investigates voice hearing.

Small boxes that contain flipbook style animation are presented to show the emotion that people who hear voices feel. The documentary is experimental and expressive in its approach, where the positives and negatives combine to fully express the subversive nature of a misunderstood affliction.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 8

Duration: 3 mins

Sound of Water

Country: Afghanistan

Director: Mostafa Monji

Synopsis: Since it’s not water, it just relaxes the sound of water.

Mobile device(s) used: Huawei

Duration: 1 min 40 seconds


Country: Uzbekistan

Director: Hristina Belousova

Synopsis: If long to think of the sea, then the sea comes to you.

Mobile device(s) used: HTC One s

Duration: 1 minute

Opening the Door

Country: Italy/Cuba

Director: Giordano Cagnin

Synopsis: A few months after President Obama gave his historical speech in Havana in front of Raoul Castro, I went to Cuba all alone. For two weeks I shot a lot of material with my iPhone, the app Filmic Pro and a DJI Osmo. When I came back I edited it imagining a semi-desert island, still suspended in time and focused on Obama’s words, while people were listening through speakers all over the Nation.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 7 Plus

Duration: 5 min 35 sec



Country: Syria

Director: Kinan Soliman

Synopsis: A guy who lives in Syria, wakes up horrified and exhausted in a pale, colorless life. He decides to go out to the light to come back powerfully with a tendency to change his life for better. But all he can change is his clothes and the place he sleeps in..

Mobile device(s) used: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Duration: 5.15 min

Turning Tomboys

Country: United States

Director: Texas Glory

Synopsis: Everything is possible.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 7

Duration: 2.21 min

Falling, Not Waving

Country: Australia

Director: Rob Layton

Synopsis: The story of a wave. Shot underwater.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 8 Plus

Duration: 2.19 min


Country: Bulgaria

Director: Stefan Voyvodov

Synopsis: The word animate (animation) comes from the Latin verb “animare”, meaning “to make alive or to fill with breath…

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone

Duration: 1 min

Salvation of Oxygen

Country: Bangladesh

Director: Fuaduzzaman Fuad

Synopsis: In our story, we did a prediction, where we tried to show something about nature. That is like; we are now at a time when the quantity of trees is so low. So the quantity of oxygen in the air is also low. Humans feel fewness of oxygen. So humans carry trees with them, in order that they can breathe normally. And now they are also conscious about the health of the trees they are carrying.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 6S

Duration: 4.07 min

Yes, NO

Country: Italy

Director: Matteo Tibiletti

Synopsis: However it’s sound, a “No” never loses its meaning.  Stop violence against women

Mobile device(s) used: Samsung S7 Edge

Duration: 1.09 min

The Dance

Country: Macedonia

Director: Dorijan Milovanovik

Synopsis: The Dance of one underwater creature is shown like never before.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 4S

Duration: 3.15 min


Country: France

Director: Hubert Jegat

Synopsis: Travel candidates, embark on an unusual world tour. From revolutions to sonic explosions, the earth goes from hand to hand, a great popular and joyous human chain. And if the world was built playing together …

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone

Duration: 1 min



Country: Nigeria

Director: Aderogba Arimoro

Synopsis: A young man picks up his newly delivered used car and heads on a first date with a beautiful young lady. The relationship unfolds from the first meeting until the unexpected end; with one constant witness.

Mobile device(s) used: Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Duration: 12.57 min


Country: Italy

Director: Enrico Mughetti

Synopsis: This film shows how pruning can seriously endanger your life!

Mobile device(s) used: Samsung Galaxy S6

Duration: 2.06 min


Country: Italy

Director: Enrico Mughetti

Synopsis: A painter has to deal with a hostile subject.

Mobile device(s) used: Samsung Galaxy S6

Duration: 2.25 min

Dummy Up

Country: Colombia

Director: Carlos Andrés Reyes

Synopsis: An insecure employee comes to his office and decides to talk to his boss about his job performance and ask for a raise, but choose to do so in an unexpected way: using a puppet.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 7

Duration: 2 min


Country: Russia

Director: Ildar Zinnyatullov

Synopsis: A short film about the life of a simple toothbrush.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 7

Duration: 2.30 min

No Limits

Country: Australia

Director: Ross Perkins

Synopsis: A young man begins a lifelong journey to improve himself.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 6S

Duration: 1.40 min


Country: United States

Director: Zander Padget

Synopsis: A woman’s suicide attempt is interrupted by a robber who soon needs her help.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 8

Duration: 5 min

From Port to Starboard

Country: Colombia

Director: Diana Gil

Synopsis: A boy faces his fear of water by undertaking a treasure quest with his grandpa.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone X

Duration: 5 min


Country: France, Martinique

Director: Amingo Thora

Synopsis: A couple preparing a love journey …

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone X

Duration: 1 min

Memory of our Peers

Country: France

Director: Brice VENEZIANO

Synopsis: Lola goes back to this place where her life changed dramatically two years ago.

Mobile device(s) used: Samsung Galaxy S9+

Duration: 1 min


Country: United States

Director: Blake Worrell

Synopsis: A father falls into an adventure in search of his son. He ends up in the most unsuspected places. Will anyone believe him?

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone SE, 6s and 8

Duration: 6.09 min

A Daughter’s Journey

Country: Canada

Director: Maria Colonescu

Synopsis: The solo journey of a young girl on a special day.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 7 Plus

Duration: 2.05 min

Maybe Tomorrow

Country: France

Director: Nicolas Khamsopha

Synopsis: A 23-year-old woman tries on different clothes in her room. She hesitates over them by fear of being harassed or assaulted outside. Between each outfit, she imagines potential scenarios.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone X

Duration: 1  min

The Window

Country: India

Director: Sujit Debbarma

Synopsis: When women lost their husband at a young age the families should think about the needs of their daughter-in-law.

Mobile device(s) used: Vivo V9

Duration: 2.05 min


Country: Mexico

Director: Silvia Santoyo

Synopsis: Escamol a rescue dog, feels left out of place when the woman who adopted him adopts more dogs.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 6S Plus

Duration: 4.26 min

A London Cafe

Country: Ireland

Director: Simon O’Neill

Synopsis: Musings on life, communications and technology in a trendy London Café (on the Kingsland Road, East London).

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone SE

Duration: 1.05 min


Country: Spain

Director: Francisco Lidón Plaza

Synopsis: A young knight and his shield-bearer travel the country roads in search of adventures pretending to be in a chivalry novel. But these are very hard times and it won´t be easy to become Don Quixote and find the lady he loves, Dulcinea.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone X

Duration: 5 min


Country: United States

Director: Marvin Akanyi

Synopsis: A short film that tells the story of a young girl taking her driving test, only to have her car broken down mid-test. Determined to get her license, she defies strict instructions from her Examiner and proceeds to walk the test.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 8

Duration: 4.40 min


The Marsh

Country: Italy

Director: Claudio Pelizzer

Synopsis: Staying still can be nothing but convict us to collapse. Here, elsewhere, outside, inside, everywhere.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 8 Plus

Duration: 5.14 min


Country: Spain

Director: Luis Galindo

Synopsis: Naiz Rebel music video.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone SE

Duration: 2 min 50 seconds

Love Sucks

Country: Spain

Director: César Pérez

Synopsis: Love Sucks is a music video shot for La Mafia Canalla. An attempt to get a positive and jovial emotion in the viewer, a tribute to the Barrio del Oeste, in the small Spanish city called Salamanca, and an attempt to portray that bohemian atmosphere.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 5

Duration: 2.58 min


Country: Canada

Director: Billiam James

Synopsis: What if the medications used to treat mental illness caused more problems than they solved? Akathisia — extreme agitation and inner restlessness — is a common side-effect of antidepressants and antipsychotic meds that can lead to disastrous consequences.

Mobile device(s) used: Pixel 2 and iPhone

Duration: 2.59 min


Screen Age

Country: United States

Director: Cal Thacher

Synopsis: This film is about the unspoken, ongoing battle between one girl’s willpower and a conglomerate of tech algorithms designed to keep her logged on: A bookish girl wants to finish her homework before bedtime. But her online addictions to social media, games, and shopping come to life and take her on a series of phantasmagorical adventures. The clock is ticking…can she resist temptation and get home in time?

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone X

Duration: 6.10 min


Country: Turkey

Director: Mehmet Can Micik

Synopsis: A choking man is suddenly saved by a homeless refugee, formerly a doctor in his native country.

Mobile device(s) used: Huawei P20 Pro

Duration: 1 min

Back in 5 Minutes

Country: United Kingdom

Director: Raffaele Imbò

Synopsis: “Back in 5 minutes” is a message left on a shop’s entrance door by its owner.

A client went there gets pissed off by the sign, but decides to get inside anyway, until…

Mobile device(s) used: OnePlus 3+

Duration: 1.45 min

The Captivity

Country: India

Director: Kishor Laxmi Hambirrao Londhe

Synopsis: Democracy, Government, and Freedom of Speech.

Mobile device(s) used: Android

Duration: 1 min


Country: Australia

Director: Meg Duncan and Clayton Waddell

Synopsis: When three schools girls are pulled into the principal’s office to discuss the length of their skirts, they hatch a plan to teach his perving eyes a lesson.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 8

Duration: 2.55 min

Vicky and Victoria’s Secret

Country: India

Director: Eshank Modi

Synopsis: Vicky is all set for his first date with his crush Supriya, or is he? Amidst the hullabaloo of creating the perfect first impressions, Vicky and Supriya have their own sweet little secrets they are hiding from each other.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 8

Duration: 5.16 min


Country: Indonesia

Director: Khozy Putra

Synopsis: Annisa, a Muslim teenager and student in an Islamic boarding school are secretly attracted to her roommate. When her parents find out, they force her to get married to a man, thinking that could make her ‘normal’.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 6S

Duration: 1 min



Country: United Kingdom

Director: Ryan Phillips

Synopsis: The short is about the attention economy so it felt right to be shooting the film on the iphone, the device that caused the popularity of twitter and facebook to explode.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 6S Plus

Duration: 1.56 mins


Country: Joel Caetano

Director: Brazil

Synopsis: There’s something in the mirror!

Mobile device(s) used: Moto G45

Duration: 1 min


Country: Brazil

Director: Adriano Gomez

Synopsis: The darkness of the evening, a professional killer performs his work, without knowing what is waiting for him.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 5

Duration: 1 minute


Country: DR Congo

Director: Michael Castofas

Synopsis: Lucy finds herself under the influence of the effects of alcohol and tobacco. Those drugs put her in a state of hallucination even she did not manage to pick up a cigarette until she realized that she was not supposed to take anymore…

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 5

Duration: 2.15 min


Country: Brazil


Synopsis: A girl wakes up wounded after surviving the massacre at her house. Desperate, she tries to leave the place before the evil returns.

Mobile device(s) used: Moto G4

Duration: 2.28 min


Country: USA

Director: Melonie Ann Gartner

Synopsis: Is it guilt conscious or the living of the dead?.

Mobile device(s) used: Moto G4

Duration: 4.35 min

Books Don’t Bite

Country: Argentina

Director: Pablo Latorre

Synopsis: JUAN arrives at a house and finds a mysterious book on the floor. After having a look, he decides to ignore it and start watching television. The book comes to life and tries to convince him to pay attention, but being rejected and treated badly by JUAN, it becomes a monster book and devours it. ANA (25) visits JUAN’s house but only finds a mysterious book on the floor..

Mobile device(s) used: Samsung Galaxy S4

Duration: 5.09 min