Migrant Dilemma

Country: South Africa

Director: Roger Horn

Synopsis:  A woman gives an apologetic self-eulogy to the children she had to leave behind in order to find work.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 5

Duration: 1 min 28 seconds.

Colours of Death

Country: Pakistan

Director: Hassan Zaidi

Synopsis:  The film shows the controversial process of coloring chicks neon colors for sale in a pet market.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 5
Duration: 4 min 4 seconds


Country: United States

Director: Jack Ballo

Synopsis: Broke and alone, two brothers who drank away their inheritance start a new life together off the grid while trying to put their troubled past behind them. Their innovative ability to survive went on for four years until one of them decided it was time to leave.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 5s

Duration: 15 minutes


Shake Up Your Life

Country: Argentina

Director: Alvaro Stocker

Synopsis: A filmmaker documents their travels to inspire others to live their lives to the fullest.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 6

Duration: 2 min 6 seconds

Shadows of a Radio in the East

Country: Spain

Director: Nacho Recio

Synopsis: An audiovisual experimentation in a Berlin still overshadowed by a dense and uncertain past.

Mobile device(s) used: Xiaomi Redmi Note

Duration: 1 min

The Color of Heartbreak

Country: Australia

Director: Jasmyn Dawkins

Synopsis: An exploration of the emotions that create the feeling of heartbreak: anger, loneliness, happiness and love, each represented by red, blue, yellow and pink respectively.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 7

Duration: 2 min 19 seconds


Country: Macedonia

Director: Boris Takovski

Synopsis: In an attempt to work through the chaotic noise and distorted images of his mind’s eye, a young man struggling with writer’s block finds inspiration.

Mobile device(s) used: Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

Duration: 3 min 36 seconds



Country: Mexico

Director: Carlos Gajardo Avila

Synopsis: One ordinary day, a painkiller addict with suicidal tendencies suffers from batofobia.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 6.

Duration: 8 min

Head Over Heels

Country: Russia

Director: Leonid Grigurko

Synopsis: Earth girl. An unearthly dream.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 6.

Duration: 1 min 8 seconds


Country: Australia

Director: Regg Skwarko

Synopsis: While enjoying a steamy shower, a girl discovers something lurking.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 6

Duration: 1 min 35 seconds

Late Morning Seance

Country: United States

Director: Danny Wagner

Synopsis: Drew doesn’t want to stick around this morning.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 6s Plus.

Duration: 7 min


Country: Spain

Director: Alfonso Garcia Lopez

Synopsis: In search of her missing daughter, Luz subscribes to i-Medium, an app that connects you directly with dead people.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 4s.

Duration: 6 min 30 seconds


Country: Brazil/USA

Director: Duda de Almeida

Synopsis: A Brazilian actress goes to NYC to pursue her dreams while waiting for her boyfriend that stayed in Brazil. They only speak through video messages.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 6

Duration: 13 min

Pineapple Boxers

Country: Israel

Director: Oran Zegman

Synopsis: Cuffed to a head board, a young woman on her way to get answers is followed and documented by a group of tourists.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 5, iPhone 6, Samsung

Duration: 4 min

A Strange Feeling Still 5

A Strange Feeling

Country: Switzerland

Director: Philipp Andonie

Synopsis: All Paul wants to do is cuddle with his girlfriend and get some sleep. But things start to get strange.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 7 Plus.

Duration: 2 min 40 seconds


Country: Russia

Director: Mila Fakhurdinova

Synopsis: Based on a true story, a woman lives out her life online, even her darkest hours.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone SE

Duration: 7 min 27 seconds

Loose End

Country: India

Director: Eugin Writes

Synopsis: A lonely girl takes care of loose ends and deals with the aftermath.

Mobile device(s) used: Samsung 8, Samsung Galaxy C9

Duration: 6 min 35 seconds

Best Worker

Country: Belarus

Director: Cyrill Ngog

Synopsis: A hardworking custodial worker realizes he’s being replaced.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 6.

Duration: 7 min

The Listener

Country: Belarus

Director: Sviatoslav Sobolevskiy

Synopsis: A reconnaissance group receives a strange signal from a deserted laboratory in a city ruled by forces of nature.

Mobile device(s) used: Samsung i8260 Galaxy Ace2, iPod Touch 5

Duration: 1 min 33 seconds.


Country: France

Director: Florent Sabatier

Synopsis: To lose weight, Nathan follows every instruction from his wearable device.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone SE

Duration: 1 min


Country: Italy

Director: Francesco Faralli

Synopsis: A trip to the hairdresser turns into a confusing nightmare.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 6

Duration: 1 min

Hopefully (“Ojalá“)

Country: Mexico – France

Director: Marie-Stéphane Cattaneo

Synopsis: A man sets out on an normal day which turns out to be anything but ordinary.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 6

Duration: 1 min


Auramics – Founders of Time

Country: United States

Director: Kristi Scarvelis

Synopsis: Inspired by the electronic music pioneers Daphne Oram and Delia Derbyshire, this video explores an aural and visual exploration into the techniques of musique concrète using stop motion and layering techniques.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 6

Duration: 5 min 49 seconds


Country: Iran

Director: Pegah Izadian

Synopsis: A poetic expression of finding inner peace in a busy and polluted city.

Mobile device(s) used: Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Duration: 2 min 30 seconds


Country: United Kingdom

Director: Cassius Rayner

Synopsis: A dance sequence expressing emotions tied to the troubles around the world.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 6S. 

Duration: 2 min 50 seconds

Smoke and Mirrorless

Country: United States

Director: Tristan Pope.

Synopsis: The latest installment of the “Dancers Of” series which uses mobile innovation to empower dance.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone X.

Duration: 2 min 56 seconds

Carry Me Home

Country: Italy

Director: Claudio Pelizzer

Synopsis: A woman tries to discover the world and herself in a psychedelic and poetic journey through space, time, dream and reality.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 8 Plus

Duration: 2 min 28 seconds


Pushkin and the Dragon

Country: Russia

Director: Daria Litvichenko

Synopsis: 15-year-old Alice is looking for a true friend and starts sending letters to random addresses. One day, she receives an unexpected answer.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 5. 

Duration: 5 min 42 seconds


Country: Pakistan

Director: Yasin Baloch

Synopsis: A young boy dreams of an education in spite of his circumstances.

Mobile device(s) used: Samsung Galaxy S7.

Duration: 1 min 42 seconds

Fugitive of the Mind

Country: Australia

Director: Eloise Walker

Synopsis: A fading fugitive is taunted by his invisible captor.

Mobile device(s) used: iPhone 7

Duration: 2 min